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mindfulness and creative writing workshops to find our unique writing voices.

Every single person has a story worth telling. We're listening.

It doesn't matter whether you are new to writing or have written dozens of stories. It doesn't matter if you journal once a week or once a year. It doesn't matter what kinds of things you like to write. Yeah Write! has a place for you.

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Tell us your story!
We only ask that our writers bring:


A notebook
or journal


A pen, pencil,
or other writing utensil


The willingness to listen to and respect others 

That's it!  

Like to write? We've got a space for you! Consider joining Girls' Voices, our unique writing circle for 4th–6th grade girls.

Want to work on the nuts and bolts of the writing process? Check out Writing as Craft.

Like to write AND draw? Comics and Cartooning may be your best bet!




Yeah Write!: The Origin Story

Originally called Girls' Voices, Yeah Write! was founded in 2011 as a safe space for girls to find, develop, and share their writing voices. Over the years, the organization has expanded that space to include writers of all ages and genders. Mindfulness and intentionality are two key tenets that make Yeah Write! different from other writing programs.

Allyson Jacob is the founder and lead instructor for Yeah Write! She draws on her experience as a professional writer, editor, playwright, and English teacher to coach young writers in developing their writing voices, their self-confidence in sharing their work with others, and their ability to become deep listeners. 

Learn more about Allyson Jacob and her writing at

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