I've Seen Better Days

Another group-written story by Yeah Write! students

Go-Go the clown sat in his cell. He had been in the same 8’x11’ box since he was just a puppy. It was hard work, being an aging clown in general, but to be one who had been turned into a puppy by Major General Kneepad made it so much worse.

He had no audience. No one to laugh at his jokes—not that he could tell them. His gags and tricks had been reduced to playing dead and his only audience was himself—his reflection in a chrome water dish. It’s hard to see yourself when you’re playing dead.

He thought of the good old days, when his shows were cell-outs. Everyone came to them—elders, children, pets. Once someone brought their puppy and it liked him. Oh, the irony. now he was a puppy. He laughed a little and then, realizing “cell-outs” was a spectacular pun, ended up rolling around on the floor. He probably looked like he had rabies.

“Ah well,” Go-Go thought to himself, “at least now I don’t have to pay rent!” He chuckled again but the sound that came out sounded more like a bark than laughter. Suddenly, Go-Go didn’t feel like laughing anymore.

He though of the good old days, when he fought in the war and committed tax fraud. Those were the days.

Then Go-Go had a thought. If he committed a crime, he couldn’t go to jail! He was a dog! Rubbing his paws in delight, he started to think of a plan.

Rob a bank? Nah, too predictable. Burn a library? That’s just rude. Just then he thought of it. “Time to kill General Kneecaps,” he barked happily. Now all he needed to find was a minigun. This was going to be hard work—hard work that would will make everything worth it.”

(Photo by Alexandra Novii on Unsplash )